57-Year-Old Mystery Solved

by paranormalwarehouse

A 57-year-old mystery might have been solved by a group of ghost hunters and a psychic!

Recently reported by Fox News, bones were found in a Long Island, NY basement.  Mike Carroll told Fox News that he believes the bones may belong to his late father, who disappeared without a trace 60 years ago.

George Carroll disappeared in 1961 while living in Lake Grove.  At the time, he left behind a wife and four children.  According to the children, they never really received an answer on what might have happened to their father and their mother Dorothy Carroll passed away in 1998.

According to the New York Post, the bones were actually found on Halloween eve in the basement by a psychic that the family invited to the house for answers.

“They were twisted in a knot, weird-looking,” Carroll told the New York Post.  “It was down and twisted in the dirt…  not totally exposed, either.”

Newsday originally reported that a group of paranormal investigators actually visited the home back in June.  The investigators while in the home, reported feeling an “energy” in the house.

Now that the bones have been found and unearthed, the Suffolk police department will try and use dental records and DNA testing to identify the bones, according to Newsday.

An odd piece of information given to WABC-TV by Carroll was that it had been rumored in the family for years that his father might be buried in the basement.

Our question is, how and why did that rumor even start?



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