As A Paranormal Investigator, Are You Afraid Of Dying?

by Chris Bregenzer

As a paranormal investigator, I never really thought about the fear of dying until recently. Many of us who are interested in the paranormal and what may lie on the other side, are trying to understand what happens after we move on from this life. Does this make us less afraid of dying? In my own personal opinion, investigating the paranormal makes the idea of dying less scary.


People who investigate the paranormal or who are just interested in the field as a whole, have their personal reasons why they do what they do. There are many people who have lost loved ones and it is their way of coming to peace with their loss. Other paranormal investigators or enthusiasts, want to try and make contact with that loved one to make sure they are okay and safe. Regardless of the reason, I believe these experiences influence us to become less afraid of our inevitable fate.


My own personal experiences from investigating the paranormal have made it easier to understand that there is something more beyond this life. We may never understand it or have the necessary scientific proof but it is hard to deny that there is something to it. Some of us have been fortunate enough to have personal experiences with the paranormal and personally this helps get over the fear of dying. It proves in a way, that there is more to look forward to and that we are not just forgotten and lost when we die and move on.

I will continue to investigate and understand the paranormal as much as I can in this lifetime. When the day comes I hope to feel peace with the life I had and am ready for the new experiences to come.

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