Alleged Ghost Captured On Film In 800 Year Old Graveyard

by paranormalwarehouse
800 year old cemetery

When someone thinks of an 800-year-old cemetery, I will bet more than a few people think of the word “haunted.” Tony Ferguson was one of the people intrigued by the idea of the St. Mary’s Church Cemetery having a link to the other side.

A Negative Presence

While roaming through the cemetery Tony, a proclaimed paranormal investigator, captured a strange mist seemingly rushing towards his camera. Tony also felt an unwanted presence and had the following to say about the experience.

“I don’t usually investigate cemeteries. I don’t believe that just because people are buried there, they must be haunted.

“But a few people got in touch to tell me they were concerned about their loved ones who are buried there.

“Every time they went, they could feel this negative presence, and it was making them very uncomfortable.

“the whole time I was in the cemetery I could feel this bad energy. I felt like something didn’t want me there.

“My REM pod, a device for communicating with spirits, kept going off as well, so I was sure there was something paranormal going on.

“Then suddenly heard this “whoosh.” It came out of a grave and went straight past me.

“When I watched back the footage and saw the spirit flying at me, it was really weird.

“It is a very strange experience, but it is also great to have how you feel validated. You always wonder if it’s something in the air or your mind playing tricks on you, but you can’t argue with visual evidence.

We are keeping a skeptic’s eye…

While the video is agreeably strange, we think everyone needs to take a step back and further analyze the video. Being filmed outside, you would be surprised at the different strange anomalies that can occur. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Reader, Kim. “’Ghost’ Flies Straight at the Camera in Spine Tingling Footage from 800 Year Old Graveyard.”Mirror, 30 Apr. 2018,–flies-straight-camera-12454013.


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