A video of an alleged ghost child pushing a ball down a set of stairs is going viral around the internet. The event took place in Yorkshire, England in an undisclosed private residence. The family residing in the house states that they have been reporting ghostly activities such as voices, banging sounds, and an apparition of a woman and child have been occurring for years.

Andy Barton, a member of the paranormal research team who captured the evidence, said: “We were shocked, it’s not often you see an object moving without being touched, it’s very strange.”

“There were reports of activity around the staircase, so that’s where we set up the equipment.

“While we were in the living room, we heard the crash and thought it must have been the cat, but then we saw it watching from the kitchen.”

Having very little else to go on it is hard to say whether this is paranormal activity or merely a coincidence. We will have to wait and see if more activity is documented from this location.

Source: Be, Team. “Ghost Hunters Stunned as Ball Flies through Haunted House .” Yahoo, 14 Feb. 2018, au.be.yahoo.com/lifestyle/real-life/a/38936589/ghost-hunters-stunned-as-ball-flies-through-haunted-house/. 

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