The internet has reared its ugly head yet again with an alleged paranormal video of a haunted hotel ghost. The video originated as a post on Reddit with the title “weird stuff happening at work lately”. The video is thought to be taken in the United States by a man named Joshua who works the night shift. Joshua explained that the moving doors are not the only activity within the building.

You can view the full video HERE

Hotel Ghost Hotel Ghost

He is quoted as saying “Last night a dryer turned itself off. It’s operated by a knob that has to be turned, and when I left the room it still had time on it but was stopped. When I came back, the knob was at 0.”

In our honest opinion, we think this is another case of the internet blowing this story out of proportion. Technical malfunctions occur all the time with these types of doors, so to call this paranormal is a bit of a reach.


Hoare, Callum. “Terrified Bloke FILMS ‘Paranormal Activity’ as Late-Night Hotel Shift Goes Horribly Wrong.” Daily Star, 13 Dec. 2017,

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