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I guess I am getting old because I rarely take a trip into the “hip” world of Instagram, but an explosive viral video pulled me into the fast-paced world of food photos and selfies. The video in question was posted by Naim Daniel, a young actor, and musician. The video consists of Niam singing a haunting song, lights out and all. The ambiance of the video screams spooky, and the feel is validated with the clear view of an apparition walking past his doorway in the outside hall.

Per usual, our spider senses began going off, and we decided to look deeper into this paranormal video. We first learned that the song being performed by Niam, Kelam Malam, is a song that was recently featured in an Indonesian horror movie, Pengabdi Setan. The movie apparently terrified Malaysian viewers, giving the video a leg up in being spooky.

Now knowing this information we are pretty confident that the young star simply created the video for some solid internet views. Naim is quoted as saying “I actually recorded the video earlier that week, but I only decided to post it on Instagram yesterday. I didn’t check the video thoroughly, and I just posted it on Instagram. Around half an hour after that the comments started pouring in and asking me about it. So I decided to watch the video again with my friends and I only realized at that time”.

True or not, all we can do is wait to see if this video was simply hype or the start of a spooky journey for Niam Daniel.


“Young Instagram Star Accidentally Records A ‘Ghost’ While Singing In His Video.”Malaysian Digest, 19 Dec. 2017,

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