Alleged UFO Captured From Plane Window

by paranormalwarehouse
UFO Captured from plane

A YouTube channel titled “Look Now TV” just released a video claiming to have captured multiple UFO from plane windows. The man behind the camera, Rick, described that on his frequent flights he has captured a UFO traveling in the sky more than once. Going into these videos I can say that I was skeptical, but after watching my thoughts on the video began to shift.

Over Rome

The first portion of the video shows a white egg-shaped object zooming across the sky. Rick gives a detailed analysis of the object discussing if it could possibly be a drone or a plane. Ricks surprisingly detailed analysis of the object left me scratching my head. While I still believe that the anomaly could still possibly something like a drone due to the poor visibility through the window, I can honestly say I have no idea what the object is.

Cutting The Clouds

The second video shows a hidden object cutting through the clouds. My first thoughts were that whatever was flying through the clouds was extremely close to the plane. I am not sure about specific regulations, but I cannot see how flying that close to another plane would be frowned upon. Rick explains how he does not think it is a plane because of the speed at which the cut is being produced. Similar to the original video  I was left unknowing of what was making the mark in the clouds. A possible explanation I was thinking was that it was some type of shadow from Rick’s plane, but I am not confident with that hypothesis in the least.

Just Look Up I Guess

Being someone who can be overcritical of these types of videos, I honestly am not sure what to make of either of them. Having very little experience with UFO happenings I feel that I have very information to hold my ground in any discussion of whether these UFO are real, or fake by mistake. What I did appreciate from the video was the detailed analysis provided by Rick. I think people should take notes from his videos and spend times attempting to determine what they really did catch on camera.

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Source: Narayanan, Nirmal. “Ghost Hunter Spotted UFO and Black Helicopters in Rome, Video Uploaded on YouTube.” International Business Times, Singapore Edition, 7 July 2018,

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