The American Horror Story mansion was sold back in 2015 but apparently, the new owners had no clue that home was on the hit television show nor did they know that the house was actually haunted by two ghosts!  Now they are suing the brokers who sold them the home!

The mansion was originally built around 1908 for architect Alfred Rosenheim.  Rosenheim designed the Hellman Building in Downtown’s Historic Core.

The new owners, actress Angela Oakenfold and her husband, cardiologist Dr. Ernst von Schwarz, claim that the brokers never shared with them that the estate was featured on the hit show American Horror Story and if they would have known that information, they would have never bought it.

The lawsuit also claims that the owners were not told that the home is actually haunted by two ghosts as well!  According to the lawsuit, Oakenfold and von Schwarz say they are plagued by fans of the show “weekly.”  Fans are constantly trespassing on the property and many have also tried to break into the home.

The owners are currently suing for damages but say they planned to stay in the house regardless.



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