Another Ghost Spotted On A Baby Monitor

by paranormalwarehouse
baby monitor ghost

I am not sure why ghosts seem to love making an appearance on baby monitors, but another video claiming to have captured a ghost is circulating the internet.

Watching Her Sleep

The video displays a fussy baby struggling to get to sleep. This is a normal event in most instances, but if you were to look closer, there might be someone or something else on film.

Towards the back of the crib, a face can be seen peeking at the baby. The image is undeniably creepy especially since it involves a young child. While the video is scary, we are still not sold on it being paranormal.

Ghost Or Toy?

We are hesitant simply because we have seen stuff like this before. Not so long ago a video was circulating in which it looked like a “ghost baby” was watching a real baby sleep. The ghost baby turned out to be a doll that looked creepy due to the IR light.

In this case, there could be a bunch of items or toys that could create this effect. We are betting on this being the case, but will still be looking out for more information on this video.


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