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House Of Death NYC

If you are from New York or have ever been in New York City, you may have walked by one of the most famous haunted houses in New York.  Located on 14 West 10th Street, is a brownstone house that is said to be haunted by at least 22 ghosts.  This house is called the

“The Lowe Files” Good or Nah?

If you are part of the paranormal community or just fancy a good paranormal reality show, you may have heard of "The Lowe Files".  "The Lowe Files" is the new paranormal reality show on the block, joining shows already on T.V. including "Ghost Adventures", "Ghost Brothers" and "Ghost Asylum" and many more.  Like all the

Dudleytown Connecticut

How many of you actually heard of Dudleytown in Connecticut?  How many of you have actually visited the area?  Well, we have and it was weird.  Before we get into what happened when we visited the area, here is a little background of Dudleytown... Dudleytown was part of a small settlement in Cornwall, Connecticut.  The

Jersey Devil

The legend of the Jersey Devil goes back as far as 1735 and begins with the Leeds family.  As much as we know, Mother Leeds, who was living in the Pine Barrens, became pregnant with her 13th child.  Already in the process of taking care of 12 other children, she cursed the 13th unborn baby

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