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House Brownie Haunting

Have you ever left your keys on the table and later found them hanging up on the key hook? Have you ever noticed yourself confused at a neatly stacked pile of mail that was a mess the night before? Or do

House Brownie Haunting 2018-01-09T21:36:54+00:00

The Eyeless Boy

In my life, I have had several paranormal experiences starting as your child all the way up to adulthood. I've heard my name being called by a disembodied voice. I've been touched, I've seen glasses being tossed to the ground, and

The Eyeless Boy 2017-12-07T08:22:09+00:00

Meeting Robert the Doll

As a child, I was absolutely terrified of the Child’s Play movie series. I would become a crying mess at the very sight of a Chucky doll. When I got older I discovered that Chucky the Doll is very much so

Meeting Robert the Doll 2017-11-06T06:25:31+00:00