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Hello and welcome to my profile that you stumbled on perhaps accidentally or on purpose, either way... I'm a Paranormal Investigator, tech nerd, empath, seer, receiver, and believer with over 20 years experience in the field. Always being the spooky girl I have been investigating well known and little known locations while also photographing abandoned buildings and mastering the use of technical gear. I'm a self-proclaimed hair dye jedi, and Queen of Halloween and all that is Spooky. While also a practicing Wiccan I'm always learning and looking for new ways to network in the field. Please feel free to contact me the following ways with any questions or comments at:instagram: thebeautyin_decay email: moxcalton@gmail.comStay Spooky!!

Tales of Gettysburg Series 1, “The Haunting History of the Children’s Orphanage”

Being that I only live maybe 25 minutes away, I frequent Gettysburg quite often. In fact I've investigated so many locations and hot spots (even the ones few know about) in the area multiple times I've collected a large amount of evidence to share. Maybe you all can help and see for yourselves if there's

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