Avid Ghost Hunter Catches Ghost on Camera?

by paranormalwarehouse

Justin Woody and his family are avid ghost hunters and have been recently investigating the Monongalia County Cemetery on West Run Road in West Virginia.

“We love ghost-hunting.” his fiancee, Donna Morris told ‘The Dominion Post’.

Recently, during an investigation, Woody and his family on an investigation of the Monongalia County Cemetery and believe they might have captured what appears to be a ghost on camera.  Woody told ‘The Dominion Post’ that he heard the cemetery was haunted and that some of the graves in the cemetery were actually used for witches.

“If people knew how many spirits are around Morgantown, they’d be shocked,” he said.

“I’ve been ghost-hunting all my life,” Woody claims.

The picture Woody and his family apparently captured, seems to be a large mist along the ground of the cemetery.  Woody claims the ghosts wasn’t a mean one and that many ghosts tend to be active between midnight and 4 a.m.

There has been some back and forth about the photo captured by Woody but he isn’t bothered by the criticism.

The photo is definitely interesting but the guys at Paranormal Warehouse are a little skeptical.  When investigating outside, you really have to take into consideration all of the elements.  We think that the picture might actually be moisture in the middle of the night creating a fog or mist passing through the cemetery.  But hey!  We can be wrong!


Photo Credit: Justin Woody


Dean, William. “Man Believes He Caught Image of Ghost on Camera.” Dominion Post, 22 Oct. 2018, www.dominionpost.com/2018/10/21/man-believes-he-caught-image-of-ghost-on-camera/.


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