Baby Monitor Captures Alleged Spirit Looming Over Sleeping Child


A family has claimed that their baby monitor captured the image of a spirit looming above their sleeping child.

“We felt sick, and we were shaking.”

The family who lives in the home where the anomaly occurred claims to have experienced paranormal activity for a while. The spirit is said to haunt the top level of the house leaving negative feelings in its wake.

“The little girl was telling her parents she had a friend called Rosey.”

A paranormal investigator, Sammy Rawlinson, was brought in to evaluate the home.

Sammy said the following about the experience: “It was creepy the way the spirit is just watcher her like that.

“The little girl was telling her parents she had a friend called Rosey

“When I got to the top with my mam and auntie, who had come with me to help move it, we felt like we couldn’t go in the room.

“We felt sick, and we were shaking.

“The owner told us the spirit had made pictures fall down and had knocked on bedside cabinets to scare them as he wanted to be along in the house.

“He refused to go over at first as he was scared of what judgment he faced on the other side but after a while, he left.”

baby monitor ghost

If you were to ask us, the specifics stated by the paranormal investigator are oddly precise in their description. The image behind the child also closely resembles a doll which could easily present as the creepy image being presented.

As always we were not there and did not claim to know exactly what happened, but we think there is probably a better explanation for this image than paranormal activity.

Source: Johnson, Ian. “GazetteLive.” GazetteLive, 11 May 2018,

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