Within These Walls Crew Uncover Tragic History From The Haunted Bergen House

by paranormalwarehouse
The Haunted Bergen House

The Within These Walls crew have recently traveled to The Haunted Bergen House. Being a hidden gem amongst paranormal locations, Dan and the gang experienced a truly unique communication from the other side. Like most of these locations, this experience from The Bergen House uncovered a sad and tragic history.

All Over Money

While attempting to communicate, questions relating to money seemed to trigger the team’s EMF meter. One question, in particular, elicited a powerful response from the other side. It seems as though the person who had passed was killed over a monetary dispute. This experience was a small portion of the evidence captured during the filming of Within These Walls so make sure to subscribe to Vidi.Space for full episodes of this amazing series.

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The Bergen House History

The triangle shaped property is known for its unbelievable paranormal happenings. Some of the more infamous ghosts from this location are a lady who is known to walk up the driveway, a figure standing outside looking into the home, and a grumpy old man. Besides these apparitions disembodied voices, shadow figures, and growls can be experienced in the old home.

The Haunted Bergen House

If you are brave enough you can book your stay at the home in hopes to experience these incredible happenings.




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