Beware Of The Haunted Potato Masher!

by paranormalwarehouse

We’ve all heard of possessed or haunted objects, right?  Well, how about a potato masher?  That’s a new one for us.

Recently, The Irish Post reported about 43-year-old Jennifer Bauer who recorded some interesting video of an antique potato masher, passed down from her grandmother, moving on its own!

Here is a little background information for you…

Jennifer Bauer who recorded the creepy video moved into a 1920s house in Eastpointe, Michigan about five years ago.  Bauer was in the basement of the old home taking pictures of items she eventually wanted to sell online.  At that time, she began to hear creepy soft whispering in the room.  At the same time, the potato masher from her late grandmother began to move around on its own!


Devi D. Youtube Channel

“I grabbed my camera and started filming, but didn’t watch my video back until a few days later,” Bauer told

“When I did, I could hear an odd whispering in the background.  I can’t explain it at all.”

Bauer claims that when she and her boyfriend first moved into the residence, they would hear banging upstairs while they were downstairs watching TV.  She also claims to have heard whispering in the past inside and outside the residence.

According to The Irish Post, Bauer will not be selling her grandmother’s potato masher at the current moment.  She is worried that by selling the masher, someone else might end up experiencing some creepy occurrences.

The video is very compelling in our opinion.  Although, the masher itself does not look that steady as it stands on its own.   At the same time, we have heard in the past about spirits being attached to certain objects that may cause some paranormal activity.  But a potato masher?



Beresford, Jack. “Woman Shares Disturbing Footage of Grandmother’s ‘Haunted’ Potato Masher Online.” The Irish Post, The Irish Post, 9 Nov. 2018,

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