Bigfoot Sighting?! Maybe!!!

by paranormalwarehouse

There may have been a Bigfoot sighting back in June 2016 and it was all caught on camera with a drone!

The sighting took place in Idaho and the video shows something or someone running towards the trees and disappearing into the woods.  The video is hard to distinguish due to the fact that the drone was so high up in the air when the creature was first spotted.   As the video plays on, the drone seems to be trying to find whatever it was that ran into the woods.

Can this be Bigfoot?  Maybe… But more likely it is someone or some animal just heading for shelter in the trees of Idaho.  Take a look and tell us what you think!

Source: Hardpack101. “Did This Drone Cam Just Capture a Bigfoot Sighting?!” Rumble,, 10 June 2010,

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