A paranormal team called Soul Reapers have claimed to have captured a photo of an infamous ghost known as the Black Monk. The image was taken on the Chequerfield estate where the monk is known to reside. The story of the monk goes back to the 16th century where he was hanged in the town for raping and murdering a young girl. Since the hanging poltergeist activity has been reported even inspiring a 2012 film titled When The Lights Go Out recounting the story of a tormented family in the 1960’s

In the video which you can see if full HERE Kyle, a member of Soul Reapers, snaps some photos revealing an image in a mirror looking shockingly like a hooded monk. Mark Vernon, another team member, is quoted as saying “As you can see, the door is closed behind him and that the door is wooden so will not cast a reflection. I do believe its the best of all the monk photos taken so far from this haunted house.”

Let us know what you think of the photo, and if the infamous Black Monk continues to haunt the halls of the Chequerfield estate to this day.

Source:“VIDEO: Has the Infamous Black Monk Poltergeist Been Caught on Camera?” Pontefract & Castleford Express, 10 Jan. 2018, www.pontefractandcastlefordexpress.co.uk/news/video-has-the-infamous-black-monk-poltergeist-been-caught-on-camera-1-8949840.

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