Boy In Mirror Has The Internet Loosing Their Minds

by paranormalwarehouse
Boy in Mirror

This “Boy In Mirror” video has gone viral and is freaking people out. The video shows a young boy sticking his tongue out to his mirror self. At first, the video seems completely normal until you notice the “mirror boy” move before the real boy.

After watching the video myself, I must admit you can clearly see the mirror boy move first. You can also see the real boy blinks while the mirror boy does not. Looking like the starts to a horror movie twitter users had a lot to say regarding the video.

“I’ve Never Heard Of a Mirror That Got A .5 Second Delay”

The following were comments posted about the video.

“The more I watch, the crazier it gets.”

“Burn the whole house lol.”

“Everyone knows mirror images are from another dimension; they can do what they want.”


I doubt mirrors are windows into another dimension, but an explanation to the video has yet to be found. We are leaning towards video editing, but our fun side likes to think the video is truly a creepy paranormal happening.

Let us know what you think of the video in the comment section below. We bet you give yourself a double take next time you pass your own mirror.

Source: McCowan, Isami. “This Video Of A Kid’s Reflection Moving Before He Does Will Haunt Your Dreams.” Bustle, Bustle, 23 Aug. 2018,


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