Breggs And Mike Finally Disagree!? Real or Fake Episode 60

by paranormalwarehouse

It has finally happened folks! During the most recent episode of Real or Fake Breggs and Mike finally disagree on the analysis of this weeks episode. The video claims to have captured an apparition of a man jumping on the train tracks in the London Tube.

The Tube has a grim history of people committing suicide by diving onto the tracks. People blame these sad stories on the frequent paranormal occurrences reported by commuters.

London Tube

It Has To Be Lens Flare

This is Mike writing this article right now so I am going to say there is no way the image in question within the video can possibly be a physical person or object. The speed at which the image appears and reappears is so incredibly fast it could not be a person.

I am placing the blame on lens flare or some other object creating the anomaly on the camera. Chris thinks otherwise but screw that guys am I right? Don’t take my word for it, check out the video below and let us know what you think about this alleged apparition. youtube

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