Bridge To Another Dimension

by Chris Bregenzer

Looking for a trip of a lifetime?!  Look no further!  How about a trip to another dimension?!

Apparently, located in the town of Avon, Indiana, there is a bridge that can lead you to another dimension!  According to the clip on YouTube, the narrator details a story about a haunted overpass.  He says: “Stories go back about the bridge before it even opened.  They say that during construction of the bridge, one worker was drinking on the job and stumbled off the bridge into a pit of cement.  That pit became his grave and his skeleton is still under the bridge and every train that passes over shakes his soul into awakening.”

If that wasn’t creepy enough, the narrator claims that once a year, the path on the bridge opens up a portal into another dimension!


“One story tells that the bridge is a gateway to another dimension and by crossing it on the anniversary of its opening, it will take you away from this world.  On dark stormy nights, the gate partially opens and the sounds of ghosts moaning amidst from it.”

Would you take a trip to another dimension?


Source:  Hoare, Callum. “’Bridge to Another DIMENSION’ Discovered in Shock Paranormal Clip.”, Daily Star, 3 Feb. 2018,

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