You Can Buy Ghosts on eBay

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You Can Buy Ghosts on eBay

OK, even we can agree that the title, You Can Buy Ghost on eBay, teeters a bit into clickbait territory, but if you are looking for some possessed or haunted items to add to your collection, eBay is the place to be. From dolls containing the souls of dead children, to a haunted soda machine from Seattle, people have their options when looking to add ghostly visitors to their home decor.

You Can Buy Ghosts on eBay

Known as the world of Haunted eBay sellers such as “HauntedDollys” have created a real business around selling spooky items. Most items, according to the owner of HauntedDollys, come from collectors of the macabre who are looking to downsize their collections. She is also known to use a friend and self-proclaimed sorcerer to bind spirits to different vessels such as her dolls. While some of you may find this business model as silly, hundreds of search results looking for such items appear on the site daily.

Rules and regulations have been put in place for such items, due to complaints from buyers stating that their object was indeed not haunted upon arrival. There was even a specific regulation put in place in 2012 saying that things such as spells or hexes could not be sold on the site alone. These items must be purchased along with something tangible such as a doll.

You Can Buy Ghosts on eBay

Believe it or not, one seller expresses her feelings as such, “I do understand why some people are skeptical about the paranormal world, but this is something you either believe in, or you don’t. For me, it’s no different than any other organized religion. You must believe in the magic for the magic to work.”

Source: Winkie, Luke. “You Can Buy the Spirits of Dead Children on EBay.” Vice, 3 Jan. 2018,

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