Can This Be An “Echo From The Future”?

by Chris Bregenzer

If you are involved in the paranormal in any way, you have probably seen photos with what appears to be ghosts or apparitions.  This story is a bit more interesting…

According to, Laura Cisse 38, is claiming she has a photo of her daughter almost a decade before she was born!  How is this even possible?!

Laura Cisse, found the photo that was taken ten years ago, of her then 15-year-old daughter Ayesha.  If you look closely at the photo though, there is a little girl in the background watching.  Laura originally thought this was her youngest daughter Sophie in the background but here is the kicker…  Sophie wasn’t even born yet!!

Credit: KNM

That is some crazy stuff right there!

Laura is calling the photo an “echo from the future” and believes this is somehow the ‘future echo’ of her youngest daughter Sophie.

“The girl looks like Sophie.  It does have a look of her.  It’s very strange.

“When I first looked at the picture when I saw it again my eyes went straight to the face and I thought ‘what’s Sophie doing there? I’ve never seen her in that picture before’.

“But then I realized Sophie wasn’t even born when the photo was taken.  It can’t have been her.

“Maybe it’s an echo of the future or something like that.  You don’t know.”

Laura continued by saying:  “I remember taking the picture.  It was Saturday, it was raining and I was washing up and Ayesha had been nagging me to try on the dress as it was new.

“I remember we were alone and there were no other children there.

“The only other children of that age that Ayesha played with when she was five was my cousin’s little girl, and she looks nothing like that.

“We didn’t have other children come to the house until Ayesha was at school when she was six or seven.”

Laura hopes that if this is some spirit, that it looks out for her daughter.

Credit: KNM


Wow!  Paranormal or not it’s definitely a weird creepy photo.  It is just amazing how much that little girl looks like Sophie!  Our minds are blown if this a real photo.



Berners, Naomi. “Mum Claims She Took a Photo of Her Daughter TEN YEARS before She Was Born.” Heart, 19 Sept. 2018,


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