Cape May’s Southern Mansion Get A Visit from SyFy’s Ghost Hunters

by paranormalwarehouse

Hey East Coasters!  Ghost Hunters are headed to New Jersey for a new investigation!  The group from Syfy’s Ghost Hunters are headed to Cape May New Jersey for an investigation at the historic Southern Mansion.

The Southern Mansion is currently an award-winning bed and breakfast but aside from that, it apparently is very haunted as well.  The Mansion was originally built in 1863 and owned by George Allen but constructed by Henri Phillipi.  Allen and his family would use this seaside mansion for the next 83 years!

Unfortunately, after the last of his direct relatives passed away in 1946, the mansion fell into disrepair and eventually was left abandoned.  In 1994, Bray/Wildes decided to buy the property and restore it to its original glory and presence in the quiet beach town.  In 1997, the mansion restoration project was complete and turned into a very well known “haunted” bed and breakfast tourist spot!

Now bring in the Ghost Hunters!  Back in 2010, the guys from Syfy’s Ghost Hunters investigated the mansion and were greeted with a massive amount of paranormal activity.  Well, the guys are back and are investigating the bed and breakfast on January 26th and 27th.  Unfortunately, Syfy will not be filming an episode of this investigation but instead, the guys from Ghost Hunters will be doing meet and greets, a discussion of the paranormal activity within the mansion and eventually an investigation of the property itself.

If you are interested in this event, check out  If you attend, let us know how it went and if you encountered any paranormal activity!


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