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In this series, we will be highlighting groups and individuals working towards making real progress in the field of paranormal research. For today we are going to focus on a simplistic yet in our opinion essential protocol that can be used during your research. The Paranormal Research Institute is currently using a system they are calling cartography. The name cartography being the science of drawing maps fits this process well in that it will provide the team with an overview of their process and experiences which will hopefully guide them towards some real answers.

The process begins with a team member who will take the role of the cartographer. The cartographer will monitor the investigation from outside of the location. Observation of the team can be performed through digital surveillance or simple radio contact. You should take note that any frequencies transmitted may have the ability to manipulate data collected from certain devices. Any outside contamination such as trains or traffic can also be recorded for review purposes. Documentation of the experiment begins immediately allowing the cartographer to archive experiences and activity in real time. This takes the guesswork out of appointing the time of an event and allows the researchers inside of the location to continue experimentation without interruption.

Although simple in practice, cartography is an example of a streamline idea that will prove to be an invaluable asset to effectively gathering data. It is these small innovations that will one day through baby steps bring credibility to scientific research of paranormal events.  Again a special thank you to the Paranormal Research Institute for sharing your techniques and adding to the ever-growing number individuals doing real research that will one day lead to real answers.

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