Get your tin foil hats on while we discuss conspiracy theories.

Burning Hole = UFO?

Recently the Pentagon came out with the news that the U.S. government has had a special UFO/Alien project.  The project was based on researching claims of UFO sightings and also abductions.  Since the news broke of this special government project, UFO

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Fire Girl

On November 19, 1995, there was a fire at Wem Town Hall in England.  The fire was so furious that the fire department had a hard time battling the blaze and the building burned to the ground.  During the fire though,

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Black Dahlia Murder Solved?

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard the mysterious story of "The Black Dahlia".  A New England native, Elizabeth Short, who moved to the bright lights of Los Angeles in the 1940s to chase her dreams of becoming a

Black Dahlia Murder Solved?2017-12-21T15:10:23-05:00

Oumuamua From Beyond Our Solar System, Asteroid or Spacecraft?

Whether the structure was constructed by an extraterrestrial life or simply made of rock and dust brought together billions of years ago by primordial gravity, Oumuamua is definitely alien to our solar system. The structure that is roughly 400m wide, about 10-times as long

Oumuamua From Beyond Our Solar System, Asteroid or Spacecraft?2017-12-20T12:03:10-05:00

UFO Over Denver

Channel 9News received a multitude of calls from people stating that they have witnessed UFO over Denver Colorado. The scene was described as a series of lights flying in synch at an extremely high altitude. People took to the case quickly

UFO Over Denver2017-12-11T21:06:52-05:00
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