Rise In UFO Sightings In Alaska

If you haven't seen the news in recent weeks, Alaska had suffered a magnitude 8 earthquake that quickly prompted evacuations and tsunami warnings.  Thankfully, no tsunami occurred but something else began to take place...  A rise in UFO sightings! According to

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Burning Hole = UFO?

Recently the Pentagon came out with the news that the U.S. government has had a special UFO/Alien project.  The project was based on researching claims of UFO sightings and also abductions.  Since the news broke of this special government project, UFO

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The Rendlesham Forest Incident

In December 1980 near Suffolk, The Rendlesham Forest incident took place, which is known as the "U.K.'s Roswell incident".  According to the army commander at the time, there may have been men abducted as well! The army staff stationed in the

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Potential UFO Over Mexico

A woman in Baja California recently captured a video of an unidentified flying object while driving on the highway. The object was described as a tubular shape strangely positioned in a verticle position. Upon further research, these tubular UFO seem to

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Oumuamua From Beyond Our Solar System, Asteroid or Spacecraft?

Whether the structure was constructed by an extraterrestrial life or simply made of rock and dust brought together billions of years ago by primordial gravity, Oumuamua is definitely alien to our solar system. The structure that is roughly 400m wide, about 10-times as long

Oumuamua From Beyond Our Solar System, Asteroid or Spacecraft?2017-12-20T12:03:10-05:00
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