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Famous Ghost Pictures

We have all been guilty of going to google and searching for unbelievable ghost pictures right?  I know I have!  Recently, I googled just the keywords "ghost pictures", and I could not believe some of the pictures that came up! I

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Charlie No-Face

If you lived in the area of New Castle, Pennslyvania, you may have heard the urban legend of "Charlie No-Face" aka "The Green Man".  Many have heard the stories of Charlie No-Face haunting the local highways in the middle of the

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Our Haunted Live Streams

As many of you know, on the Paranormal Warehouse Facebook page, we live stream from several haunted locations and also have live paranormal shows.  Lately, we have been getting a lot of messages about our haunted live streams being fake or

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The Warrens Hoax? Part 2 Well, folks all I have to say is wowee… After the release of The Warrens Hoax Part One, I half expected the following responses and at the same time was appalled by the inability of people to review the evidence

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