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The Rendlesham Forest Incident

In December 1980 near Suffolk, The Rendlesham Forest incident took place, which is known as the "U.K.'s Roswell incident".  According to the army commander at the time, there may have been men abducted as well! The army staff stationed in the

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Fire Girl

On November 19, 1995, there was a fire at Wem Town Hall in England.  The fire was so furious that the fire department had a hard time battling the blaze and the building burned to the ground.  During the fire though,

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Trisaksri Ghost Repellent

Looking for your new piece of paranormal equipment?  Well, you may or may not be interested in the Trisaksri Ghost Repellent!  Many of you right now are probably cursing under your breath at the thought of a "ghost repellent" but let's see

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MLB Player Hunts Ghosts!

If you are an avid baseball fan like myself, you may have heard the MLB pitcher Jon Gray.  Gray currently pitches for the Colorado Rockies and made his major league debut in 2015.  Aside from being a major league pitcher, Gray

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Black Dahlia Murder Solved?

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard the mysterious story of "The Black Dahlia".  A New England native, Elizabeth Short, who moved to the bright lights of Los Angeles in the 1940s to chase her dreams of becoming a

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