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IT Chapter 2 Review

I know I am late to the party, but I finally found time to go out and watch the It Chapter 2. Being a huge fan our the IT story, I was pumped to see how director, Andy Muschietti, put together

IT Chapter 2 Review2019-10-04T13:28:03-04:00

The Pacing Ghost

The video we will be discussing took Reddit by storm claiming to have captured the footage of a pacing ghost. The apparition in question can be seen pacing to and from the staircase, which leads out of the basement. While the

The Pacing Ghost2019-05-28T23:59:16-04:00

Hex Hollow

In York County, Pennsylvania tucked deeply within the woods, by the winding roads there is a house known by locals as Rehmeyer Hollow. Now since the incident, it has been renamed presently to Spring Valley County Park. Others call the area

Hex Hollow2019-05-28T23:21:53-04:00
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