Miscellaneous paranormal news ranging from ghosts, to extraterrestrials, to metaphysics, to sasquatch…. Basically cool stuff.

Top 3 Haunted Cam Highlights

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE PARANORMAL WAREHOUSE YOUTUBE CHANNEL We are starting a new series in which we highlight the most profound events captured during our haunted livestreams. After monitoring our locations for countless we are excited to

Top 3 Haunted Cam Highlights2018-12-19T12:06:12-05:00

The Yeti is Real!!!

The Yeti is real!  Well, at least according to these two Russian guys... This video that has surfaced was from the Republic of Bashkortostan.  Two Russian guys are driving a car through what appears to be a snowy side road in

The Yeti is Real!!!2018-12-02T17:25:30-05:00

Haunted Marijuana Shop

If you smoke marijuana, you may see some crazy things that might not actually be there.  As for Andy Gomez of Five Zero Trees in Oregon City, Oregon, he wasn't smoking it he was selling it and some crazy paranormal activity

Haunted Marijuana Shop2018-11-09T12:11:08-05:00
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