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Haunted Quarantine

Most of us, if not all of us, have been stuck in quarantine lockdown for at least the last 3-4 months.  All that time at home, either by yourself or with your family can make you go crazy, right?  Well, according

Haunted Quarantine2020-05-27T15:05:28-04:00

Haunted Marijuana Shop

If you smoke marijuana, you may see some crazy things that might not actually be there.  As for Andy Gomez of Five Zero Trees in Oregon City, Oregon, he wasn't smoking it he was selling it and some crazy paranormal activity

Haunted Marijuana Shop2018-11-09T12:11:08-05:00

Gloucestershire Mansion Has Some Paranormal Happenings Going On

We all love a good paranormal investigation, right?  Especially when you are done and you realize you caught some great evidence!  This is what happened with the Indico Paranormal Investigations team on October 5th! The Indico Paranormal Investigations team had their

Gloucestershire Mansion Has Some Paranormal Happenings Going On2018-11-03T13:05:54-04:00
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