Articles and News relating to the growth and improvements of the paranormal research field.

Paranormal Warehouse Update

 Have you checked out all the Paranormal Warehouse social media handles lately?!  There are some new and exciting things happening!  As founders of Paranormal Warehouse we are committed to promoting awareness of the paranormal.  We provide an outlet to display your

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Stop Being Gullible AF

This paranormal article is a reaction to the article: If you haven't read the article above yet, please do.  If you refuse, well here is a really brief summary.  Basically, most of the equipment we use as paranormal investigators is BS.

Stop Being Gullible AF 2016-11-09T16:51:28+00:00

Paranormal Database

Are you a paranormal investigator? Do you love science? Are you looking for the paranormal research field to move in a more legitimate direction? Yeah you do?! Give us a moment to chat about our up and running Paranormal Database. As

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Noise Cancellation Experiment

As a paranormal investigator, we go into investigations wanting to prove the existence of the paranormal. One of the most common and often captured pieces of evidence during an investigation is the EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomenon. EVP have often been defined

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

If you are a paranormal investigator you have probably come across the term EMF. Due to the popularity of technology that measures EMF levels, the presence of the elusive EMF spike has become synonymous with paranormal activity. Every paranormal investigation must

The Electromagnetic Spectrum 2016-07-19T23:18:30+00:00
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