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Ghost Kid? We Have Our Doubts…

Lately, we have noticed a trend in potential photos featuring was appears to be a ghost or apparition behind people while taking family photographs.  These photos have been going viral recently, but we have our doubts about their authenticity. Recently, Laura

Ghost Kid? We Have Our Doubts…2018-06-15T22:12:47-04:00

Suicide Dog Bridge

You might have heard this story before but if not, just a warning, it's not pretty... In Dumbarton, Scotland there is a bridge located on the grounds of the Overtoun House called the Overtoun Bridge.  The house itself has been there for more

Suicide Dog Bridge2018-04-21T19:50:17-04:00

Paranormal Activity Possibly Caught On Security Camera

Paranormal videos or possible ghosts caught on camera are becoming more and more common with the popularity of home security cameras.  Check out the video by clicking this link... Angel Rosa who is from Ravena, NY, was at work one day

Paranormal Activity Possibly Caught On Security Camera2018-04-19T16:00:34-04:00
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