Articles and News relating to the growth and improvements of the paranormal research field.


In this series, we will be highlighting groups and individuals working towards making real progress in the field of paranormal research. For today we are going to focus on a simplistic yet in our opinion essential protocol that can be used

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Battery Drain Experiment

Battery drain Experiment: Devise a reliable, repeatable test to determine if batteries drain faster at "haunted" locations Hypothesis: 1. The hypothesis is that the spirits, ghosts, apparitions etc. are using the battery's energy to manifest or communicate. Experiment: Overall plan –

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EMF Meters

On every television show and every paranormal investigation, I have ever been on or seen, you see people walking around with EMF meters. EMF meters measure electromagnetic fields; most meters measure the electromagnetic radiation flux density or the change in an

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Thermal Imagers

Thermal imagers seem to be one of the most sought after tools for paranormal research. In my opinion it is because they are expensive, and the fact that they appear on TV shows just adds to the Pied Piper Para-Zombie frenzy.

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Is The World Ending?

This may not be full on paranormal based article but it is still something to think about these days.  Lately, if you haven't been living under a rock, natural disasters have been taking centerstage on the news.  Everyday we hear about

Is The World Ending? 2017-09-24T12:20:49+00:00

Franks Box/ Ghost Box

Seriously, what is really going on here? We have all seen the claims, we have all seen the videos. The problem is that we only see one point of view when it comes to the Ghost box. So here is my

Franks Box/ Ghost Box 2017-09-02T10:39:41+00:00
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