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The Ball: Real or Fake Episode 47

Subscribe To The YouTube Channel HERE Join Breggs and Mike while they discuss another user-submitted video. The video in questions claims to have captured some poltergeist activity during a paranormal investigation. A camera is placed in a room to monitor

The Ball: Real or Fake Episode 472018-08-23T00:05:04-04:00

Real or Fake Episode 46

Join Chris and Mike while they discuss the most recent video selected to be featured on Real or Fake. The most recent video was a submission by a community member name Tammy Petty. Tammy submitted a video featuring an alleged paranormal

Real or Fake Episode 462018-08-15T00:27:38-04:00

Real or Fake Episode 44

Click Here To Subscribe To The Paranormal Warehouse YouTube Page. Join Breggs and Mike while they discuss the upcoming movie The Nun, Potential UFO, and a not so haunted doll. Real or Fake Breggy News Paranormal Trash Full

Real or Fake Episode 442018-08-06T22:34:00-04:00

Real or Fake Episode 38

Subscribe to Vidi.Space To Watch Real or Fake LIVE Every Thursday Join Breggs and Mike while they explore and probably ridicule all things paranormal in Real or Fake Episode 38. Shadow Anomaly and Poltergeist Activity: Real or Fake Segment And

Real or Fake Episode 382018-07-17T23:35:00-04:00

Residual Haunting, a Theory

Paranormal research teams and enthusiast understand that in the case of spiritual haunting, there are intelligent haunting and residual haunting. Naturally, intelligent haunting is that of spirits that are aware of the events, people, and changes that are occurring around them

Residual Haunting, a Theory2018-03-18T21:26:41-04:00
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