The Blackwell Ghost

If you are into paranormally themed cinema, I would feature to guess you have either watched or heard the “documentary” The Blackwell Ghost. The film has caught the internet ablaze with an immediate conversation about whether this film was a true

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Real or Fake Episode 30

On Episode 30 of Real or Fake join Breggs and Mike while they do a poor job at celebrating anything. Also, we may have captured some paranormal evidence on one of our live streams. For More Information On The Garnett Hotel:

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The Truth Behind The Kinect

One of the latest tools used in paranormal research is the Microsoft Kinect. The Kinect is a motion sensing input device used for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This device was developed to enable people to control and interact with

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Welcome to Stagrassle

Being involved in paranormal research the tone can predictably be grim. The constant reminder of looming death not only drives me to learn more about the afterlife, it also promotes regular panic attacks due to the inevitability of my body turning

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