Recently, Chris Pratt, The “Guardians Of The Galaxy” star, recently had to stay in a New York hotel where he says to have experienced possible paranormal activity.

The video posted to Chris’s Instagram shows a lamp hung from the ceiling that is moving back and forth slowly.  Chris captioned the post by saying: “So…I think I’m staying in a haunted hotel room!  Super cool.  I think this lamp is moving.  But also, I think maybe I’m just tripping.”

“You be the judge.  Is this lamp messing with me?  Am I messing with you?  Why everybody gotta be messing with everybody when we got ghost running around willy nilly? Don’t seem right. #NewYork.”

As most of us know, this swinging lamp can easily be people upstairs above his room walking around or the AC just circulating the air so that the lamp moves slightly.

Some of Chris’s famous friends are backing him up on his claims though…

Dwayne Johnson commented back to Chris by saying: ” Yeah dude, I know exactly where you’re at.  I  would get out now, there’s documented evil spirits there and unfortunately, the ghosts will demonize you and all your followers now every time you close your eyes in the shower.”

Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris’s Jurassic World co-star had this to say about the incident: “My hunch – the upstairs neighbors are walking on the floor above buddy.  And it’s very possible those upstairs neighbors are ghosts.”

Do you guys think it’s paranormal?



Hornbuckle, Jon. “Chris Pratt Posts Creepy Video of a ‘GHOST’ Rocking the Light in His ‘Haunted’ New York Hotel Room.” The Sun, The Sun, 11 Apr. 2018,
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