While we are pretty sure this video is not genuinely paranormal, we can say it is creepy.

A doppelganger emerges!

The footage was captured on a rural road in the north-western Malaysian state of Kedah. While driving along the windy roads, the duo within the car passes a woman. Wearing a red blouse and gold skirt the woman walking in the street looks seemingly ordinary.


It wasn’t until the car drove past the same woman a total of 3 times that the men noticed the strange occurrence. The ride had an abrupt end after the car rounded a corner to have the woman standing in the middle of the road. The driver promptly threw the vehicle into reverse which is undoubtedly the move I would have chosen.

We are always down for a quick scare!

In the end, whether this experience was genuine or produced we always look forward to a video that sends chills up our spines.

So, this is the viral video of Red Kebaya Lady apparitions somewhere in Malaysia. Any thoughts? Comments below#RedKebaya #KebayaMerah #Ghost #Apparition #Dashcam

Posted by Esqandar VII Corp on Thursday, March 29, 2018

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