Noise Cancellation Experiment

by Chris Bregenzer

As a paranormal investigator, we go into investigations wanting to prove the existence of the paranormal. One of the most common and often captured pieces of evidence during an investigation is the EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomenon. EVP have often been defined as a spirit voice communicating through sound waves and captured by either an audio recorder or some other type of audio recording devices. Now, there are times where as a paranormal investigator you hear these EVP as they are actually being recorded. It is this phenomenon that ties into our Noise Cancellation Experiment.


What if, as paranormal investigators, we are getting the science behind EVP all wrong? What if the spirits communicating are not actually using the sound wavelengths/vibrations as you and I would use to talk to one another, but they are communicating through our minds. Even though the voice of the spirit is still being recorded, is it possible that the spirit is manipulating the microphone in a way we may not understand? Below is a short video describing the Noise Cancellation Experiment that you can use on your next investigation.

The experiment is very simple. The next investigation you go on, you can easily take an audio recorder, ear plugs, and noise cancelling headphones and sit in a room by yourself. Let us know if you are able to actually hear an EVP while asking questions. After the EVP session, take the time to review your audio recording to see if anything was captured there as well. This experiment is designed to explain and maybe change the way we look at the EVP.

Please let us know if you tried this experiment and share your evidence at or log you experience at

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David Oman September 13, 2016 - 3:03 pm

OK so my question is what if you, at the time, don’t hear the voice physically…but after you review the footage you can clearly hear a voice speaking in the room with you? I have had both experiences here at #TheOmanHouse and have captured the voices on both Digital recorders and also on the CCTV Cameras stationed throughout my home as well…same voice saying the same exact words. Take a look at these 2 examples… this one Steve heard the voices… Thanks David


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