If you investigate the paranormal, you most likely remember your first piece of evidence. The feeling you got was probably the most exciting yet terrifying thing ever. Along with being excited and terrified I also had a feeling of motivation. I wanted to share my experience with everyone. I said to myself, “no one can dispute this piece of evidence”. My first and best piece of paranormal evidence came from my investigation at Eastern State Penitentiary.

Eastern State 1

Photo By: Chris Bregenzer

This was my very first real investigation. When I started the investigation, I was excited and ready for anything to happen. The whole group seemed ready to take on this massive building of prison cells and spirits. We walked through cell blocks waiting for someone to jump out at us or for us to hear a noise that we would want to investigate further. We asked questions and took pictures, all with the hope of a past prisoner or prison guard making themselves known.

Photo By: Chris Bregenzer

Photo By: Chris Bregenzer

Now five hours into the investigation, our excitement and motivation had dwindled down to tiredness and disappointment. There was nothing that jumped out at us or a sound that go us thinking there may be something paranormal going on. The group began to split up with 30 minutes left into the investigation, and it was probably the best thing that could have happened. As I walked through the cell-block alone ¬†with my night vision camera and headphones on, I thought to myself, “Come on, something happen, anything”.

And then this happened…

I am sure there will be people who say this isn’t real, or someone was talking somewhere in the cell block… I know what we captured and how real it was…

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