The Electronic Voice Phenomenon: Real or Fake Episode 48

by paranormalwarehouse
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Join Breggs and Mike while they discuss a new user-submitted video.

Special thanks to Tim for allowing us to use this video. Follow time here:

That Electronic Voice Phenomenon Though

The most recent video selected for Real or Fake featured an alleged “ghost mist” and EVP. In regard to the alleged mist, we believe this may be explained due to a flaw in the camera’s picture. That being said the EVP does leave us scratching our heads.

Correlations Are The Key

It has been a while since we received a solid EVP submission. It seems as though EVP have a certain sound to them, and in our opinion, this EVP fit our criteria.

Not only is the actual EVP interesting, the phenomenon is validated with the triggering of an EMF detector. While separated these two anomalies could be written off, but together it raises questions that could lead to a paranormal explanation.

As always let us know what you think of this video in the comments section below!

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