Family Tormented By Poltergeist Activity

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poltergeist activity

Robert, Pauline, and their son Barry have been experiencing paranormal activity in their home for years. Having lived in the Gravesend, Kent home for ten years the family began noticing strange happenings around their sixth year of residency.

“There was something making me feel scared”

Having experienced the activity for so many years, Robert decided to install CCTV cameras to capture some of the strange anomalies throughout the house hopefully. It did not take long until the cameras captured what the family has been experiencing for years.

Robert commented on his experiences stating: “It’s really a freaky place to live. Friend and neighbors say they are scared to come round, particularly after dark. Not even to use the toilet.

“When anyone does come round, they shout ‘bye’ to the ghost too. Sometimes the doors slam after they do.

“We have talked about getting someone in to fight it but we won’t just in case [the ghost] is my mum and dad.

Barry also commented on the activity saying: “I have seen that shadow three times in the house. But it tried to hide from me whenever I see it.

“One time when I was going down the stairs I felt this presence behind me and turned round and saw it.

“It’s definitely not my shadow, but I can’t make out what it is as it’s like a black mass.

“I kept waking up at 3:47 am and I heard a bang when we checked downstairs, pictures had been thrown around.

“There was something making me feel scared. It wasn’t just in my head. There was definitely something in my room.

“In the end, we decided we had to get footage as something was obviously there, and we wanted to prove it.

“So we put cameras around our home to see if we could capture it.

“When we caught the cup move on CCTV, at first I thought it could have been water that it slid on. But I checked, and the surface was bone dry.

“Mum wouldn’t let me get away without drying the pots properly, so I know the cup was dry too.

“I feel as if there’s something attached to me. I don’t know what it is4

“I don’t think whatever it is are family members. If it was, they wouldn’t make us feel like this.

“It’s something else. It’s not human. I think it’s a demon.

“It reminds me of that film insidious, especially the big black thing I keep seeing.”

While the experience of a haunting can be jarring, we are always reluctant to jump to a demonic presence. While the family does seem rattled by the whole experience, we do hope they continue to document their experiences and update us on any future events.

Source: Keane, David. “Family Who Fear Poltergeist Is Stalking Their Kent Home Capture Chilling Footage of Paranormal Activity.” Mirror, 9 May 2018,


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