Famous Gettysburg Ghost Video

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Gettysburg Ghost

Creating content for a paranormal website we are always looking for the newest content to talk about. In the constant flurry of paranormal evidence, stories, and articles I have realized that I needed to take a step back and begin looking into evidence from the past. That being said we recently came upon a video from several years back that has surprisingly started a large conversation within our community. Being written off by both Breggs and myself in our most recent episode of Real or Fake, I was shocked at the overwhelming amount of comments stating that this video is one of few that has actually stumped skeptics and is widely thought of one of the very few videos capturing actual paranormal activity. Let’s take a trip back a few years and have a discussion about these potential Gettysburg ghosts.

jenny wade house
The town of Gettysburg is shrouded in the stories of paranormal happenings. From the Farnsworth Inn to the Jennie Wade house people from all around the world have gathered to not only take in the rich history of Gettysburg but to hopefully get a glimpse into the other side. Although these locations are incredible, it is simply the land itself that has seemed to absorb the traumatic experiences from the past. Countless souls were lost on the battlefields of Gettysburg. From gunfire to cannons the loss of life in this small Pennsylvania town was staggering. That being said it is no surprise that the evidence captured in this video was from the battlefield itself.

farnsworth house

When starting the video it seems as if the camera person is simply getting a shot of the woods. The experience quickly changes when multiple apparitions begin to appear on camera. As if entering a stage and walking back behind the curtain the ghostly images move in and out of our reality. Shorts bursts of light can also be seen during the film. The people filming are obviously perplexed by the scene and can be heard trying to make sense of the situation. The people’s voices seem genuine adding a realism to the situation. As quickly as the event happens everything goes back to normal within seconds.

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