Famous Ghost Pictures

by paranormalwarehouse

We have all been guilty of going to google and searching for unbelievable ghost pictures right?  I know I have!  Recently, I googled just the keywords “ghost pictures”, and I could not believe some of the pictures that came up!

I have always been intrigued by some of these famous pictures that flood the internet.  How did they get such an unreal photo?  What was their reaction when they got the pictures developed?  Do they know the story of why this might have happened?  All of these questions run through my head as I sit here looking at these pictures.  Some of the pictures that really shocked me are shown down below…

This first picture is taken by a professional photographer at a wedding back in 1972.  Looking at this first picture, nothing seems abnormal, just 4 wedding guests posing for a nice photo.  Look closely, it took me a minute to realize.

This second picture is where you start to get a little freaked out.  Look between the legs of the man on the right.  Do you see the extra leg and shoe just standing there?


Now, look at this third picture…

LOOK AT THAT FACE!  How crazy is that?!  I can only imagine the initial reaction of the photographer when he developed those pictures!  I wonder if he even sent it to the guests or the couple that hired him!

The next picture creeped me out just as much if not more.  If you look at the picture below, you see a woman posing for a nice picture outside back in 1943.  The little girl in the background apparently was not really there at the time.  If you look closely, you can see she has no face or arms either!


The original photograph is below as well…







Sources: Barnicoat, Becky. “12 Disturbing Photos That Make It Hard Not To Believe In Ghosts.”Buzzfeed.com, Buzzfeed, 19 July 2017, www.buzzfeed.com/beckybarnicoat/scariest-photos-of-ghosts-on-the-internet?utm_term=.crn13YQ4P#.ltyeMVJzP.

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