Father Captures Ghost On Camera!

by Chris Bregenzer

Sean Reynolds, who is a dad of three, claims to have captured a ghost pulling the wardrobe doors closed as his family got ready for bed!

Sean and his partner Rebecca Palmer and their seven-month-old baby Ella Palmer-Reynolds were hanging out in the bedroom on his bed when the doors to their closest started to move.  Sean quickly grabbed his cell phone and began filming the paranormal activity as it was happening!


After it happened one time, Sean wanted to see if this was really paranormal or just some freak occurrence and asked the apparent ghost if it could move the doors to the closet again…Shortly after, the doors to the closet were pulled shut from the inside.

Sean believes the so-called ghost may have followed him home from a recent paranormal investigation.  Sean Reynolds himself is a paranormal investigator who films a series called “Ghost Dimension.”

Sean proceeded to say, “It was frightening to witness and also amazing to know we had just caught this on camera.  I quickly ran out to the car to grab some equipment and investigate further.  On location, while filming our ghost hunts, the team always place spiritual protection around us to keep us safe from these types of events but it is clear that a stronger force may be at play here.”

The video provided apparently captures one of many paranormal occurrences the family claim to experience since moving into the home back in 2013.



Mailonline, Jessica Green For. “Father Films ‘Frightening’ Footage of the Moment a ‘Neat Freak Ghost’ Pulled Wardrobe Door Closed as He and His Wife Got Their Baby Girl Ready for Bed.” Daily Mail Online, Associated Newspapers, 9 Feb. 2018, www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5373669/Father-films-frightening-footage-neat-freak-ghost.html.

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