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Seriously, what is really going on here?

We have all seen the claims, we have all seen the videos. The problem is that we only see one point of view when it comes to the Ghost box. So here is my alternative view based on what I know and what I can prove, not what I believe.  The “ghost box” phenomenon is no different than the ghost hunting tools that have gone before it – it is a method for generating positive apparently anomalous findings that are then assumed and then labeled labeled to be a paranormal phenomena, completely unfounded by overly eager ghost hunters. At no point, is any actual scientific research going on…..Ever.

The spirit box is a touchy topic these days, you have those who believe whole heartedly that this device allows people to communicate with the other side, and those like myself who think it is something entirely different than that. Frank Sumption who had recently passed away, built a homemade radio receiver that was broken by design, He built it so it would continually scan the frequencies of the radio band. Later it was taken a bit further by others who modified consumer AM/FM radios and created what we see today.

The Franks box was not built to communicate directly to a ghost or spirit, he built the box as a source for raw audio for EVP sessions. He admitted in interviews that he had no idea how the box worked, and he made many assumptions and guesses to how it works. He is no engineer or scientist. He even admits that he doesn’t have the ability to test his own theories as to how the Franks box works. This is a problem for me and other like-minded people.  In other words, he had no clue. When he first built the device the channels scanned randomly, this is just pure raw audio bits. No words or sentences were documented. Then another model he made scanned the channels linearly, 910 am, 920 am, 930 am, etc. Then all of a sudden words and sentences started coming through. There is a simple explanation. The radio frequencies carried over from channel to channel, I have observed this myself in some experiments I conducted.  This is nothing more than audio matrixing. If you ask the same question enough times, sooner or later you will hear a relevant response, what about all of the other words that were spoken and were ignored? If you had asked another question, then one of those words would have been relevant. It’s all about tuning into what you want to hear. So once again it comes down to the same thing, even if this device allows you to communicate with the deceased, how in the world could you go about proving it?  As long as you are allowing RF contamination to enter your ITC sessions, no reasonable person can actually believe that what you are hearing is paranormal, How are you accounting for radio signals? We take a lot of care to limit the amount of contamination in our EVP sessions, yet with the Franks Box we invite radio station contamination? This device is nothing more than another tool used by the media to hook viewers, and generate sales of the device.

Before I go any further, let me say that I am in no way unable to accept new facts and change my position on the Ghost Box. But until that happens all I can go on is what I have learned, and the data that I have collected during my own research.


Words from the late creator, Frank Sumption

I make those boxes. What you say about it/me is highly exaggerated. I don’t even use it for the usual paranormal BS, as in Ghost Hunting. I don’t buy the usual Hollywood/TAPS paranormal crap that’s mostly urban legend. “Skeptic” usually just means your mind is made up, and no other evidence is required, sought, or wanted. I don’t sell this shit, I don’t do ghost investigations, and don’t believe in hauntings. Something talks that is not radio broadcasts, often addresses people present by name, and sometimes cusses and swears. (I don’t agree with his definition of Skeptic, his definition is actually an intransigent person)

Sumption has a history of loaning Frank’s Boxes to interested parties to “test.” These loans have often resulted in bitter battles about ownership and application.

Despite Sumption’s generosity in making his devices available for “research” purposes, he is resistant to experimental research and the critical evaluation of his claims. Sumption and his biased believer beta testers are not interested in testing their hypotheses but in collecting data that is confirmation bias for their beliefs. They also have a suspicion of science and misunderstand the scientific method. In e-mail correspondence he states:

I opened it up to all experimenters in an attempt to verify my results, which is in fact an application of scientific method, known as peer review.

I am open to honest box discussion; however, believe it or not I am not a true believer. I don’t buy anyone’s dogma- religious, new age or scientific. I don’t sell anything, I share all information freely, I do this work strictly out of curiosity, and I don’t have an agenda to prove or disprove.

Sumption seems to believe that as the builder of the Boxes only he knows how the devices truly work and how they are to be used: “What really chaps my hide, as maker of the box, is to have someone who knows nothing of electronics, and technology completely ignore everything I say about the box, and presume to tell me how it really works, how it should be used, and what is acceptable from it.”

Testing is irrelevant! It’s not the device, it’s the user. The messages received are for the user, and rarely does anyone hear the same thing as the original listener. You test it by use, you judge it by what comes through and what it means to you, you can’t play the sound snippets to a panel of numb nuts (objective listeners)) and expect to get an unbiased/honest test. No two people hear the same, so an “objective listener” is an insult to most people doing this work.

Sumption denied the existence of objective fact, saying “There is no objective hard physical truth or universe. We all create what we want to see, and everyone thinks their truth supersedes everyone else’s truth.”

The fact that the operator CAN and DOES make recordings and files of understandable words and phrases shows that we are dealing with an objective rather than a subjective phenomenon here.  There are no consistent claims about the Box. Different users have conflicting theories and agendas.

The purpose of the ―box, as it is now referred to, is simply to provide a source of audio bits made up of fragments of human speech, music and noise. This noise is known as ―raw audio, it is the raw material out of which spirits of the deceased, and other entities use to create their own voices out of. ―Presumably by remodulating and remixing the raw audio to make the various noise fragments from words and voices of their choosing. In the box, the raw audio is created by sweeping the tuning of a radio electronically across it’s band, or tuning range, the resulting bits of speech music and noise are the raw audio. Radio is simply a convenient source of raw audio. However, that’s only a guess as to how the box works, there does seem be an RF component, or at times an actual signal received, or some other method of getting an external voice into the radio in the ―the box. Some of the manipulation of the raw audio seems to take place inside the electronics, again, presumably ―they can manipulate the electrical signals. I don’t have the equipment, or know how to be able to test these ideas.

So it is obvious that Frank is was distancing himself from all of the nonsense that is going on in the paranormal field, He basically said It is not what he intended the device to be used for, And he doesn’t understand how it works, he was simply looking for a random source of audio building blocks…Not to directly communicate with the afterlife.

So now lets ask some serious and fair questions about the ghost box.

  • How can you show that the “responses” you are receiving are not radio station bits?
  • Why does this method not work on a random sweep, only on a linear sweep?
  • How are you accounting for the dozens of words that go by that are ignored?
  • Why doesn’t the Ghost Box produce “results”behind RF shielding?
  • What part does audio matrixing (Apophenia))play, and how do you account for this?


Here are my replies to these questions based on my research and findings. Of course you are free to agree or disagree, But if you do disagree in the comments, please defend your stance with real data, not your personal beliefs.

  1. Without RF shielding there is no way to possibly eliminate the radio frequencies being received by radio stations. This IS a radio after all, that is what it was designed and built to do.
  2. The reason the device does not “produce results” in a random sweep is because every radio I have ever used has what I call frequency carryover, in other words a local radio station of lets say 910 AM can be heard on 920, 930, and 940. This allows full words and sometimes full sentences to be heard. Random sweeps are all over the place and do not allow carryover to take place.
  3. You are simply listening for a response to your question asked at the time, any other word or words are ignored because they are not relevant to your question, so when a word is spoken that seems like an answer to your question you label that as a relevant answer, wait…what?
  4. The Ghost box doesn’t work behind a RF shield is very obvious, If you block the radio stations nothing is able to reach the ghost box, and absolutely nothing happens…..Further supporting my belief that the ghost box is just a radio, that’s it….a radio. See video below to see the construction and testing of RF shielding, and the disappointing results for the ghost box users.
  5. Matrixing is simply your mind trying to make sense out of random images or sounds, like seeing Snoopy in the clouds, or Jesus on a piece of toast. We know that it is not Snoopy or Jesus, we are just associating known patterns to random images. We cannot account for this simply because we are never 100% sure when this is happening. If you show a random pattern to 5 people, you can get 5 different opinions of what it is.

Disappointed Ghost Box Users



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