Ghost Blamed For Erie Movement Of Balloon Through Pub

by paranormalwarehouse

A video captured at The Kings Mill in Wrexham, Wales has gone viral among the paranormal community. Looking like something out of the movie IT Gail Roberts, the landlord of the building captured strange movement from a balloon.

The Kings Mill

“It propper freaked me out”

Paranormal fanboys are screaming child ghost while skeptics debunking as a simple breeze. Real or not the movement of the balloon is unsettling. Moving through the pub and even dodging under a chair, the balloon does truly seem like it is moving with intent.

Roberts commented on the experience by saying, “There are no windows or doors open and the other balloons have all stayed up on the ceiling.

“This balloon moved across the room then turned a corner to behind the bar.

“It proper¬†freaked me out.

“Surely if it was a breeze as it goes behind the bar, wouldn’t it be bouncing off things instead of smoothly turning the corner?

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