Ghost Captured At Bachelorette Party


While celebrating at a hen party, bachelorette party, in Scottland a group of girls discovered an uninvited guest had crashed their party. While taking two photos seconds apart, the girls noticed the image of a young boy had appeared in the picture. The girls being understandably creeped out quickly decided to google the location and discovered a tragic story that sent chills up their spines. While on vacation at the property a young boy slept walked out of his room and into the loch where he would drown. Due to this new revelation, the girls promptly left the property to enjoy their hen party elsewhere.

After doing some more diffing the appearance of this boy is not an uncommon occurrence. Workers at the hotel have experienced the moving of items throughout the hotel on their own along with wet footprints mysteriously appearing in the upstairs corridor. After a personal review of the photo, I believe the images to have been taken in quick succession. If you look at the clouds, it appears that they have not moved adding validation that little time has passed between each photo. Now, we are aware that a kid could jump into the next picture immediately, but we have to say real or not the image of the young boy is genuinely haunting.

Source: London, Bianca. “Women Notice Something VERY Strange about Their Hen Party Photos Taken Just SECONDS Apart… so Did You Spot It?

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