Ghost Child Plays With Ghost Dog?

by paranormalwarehouse

Having grown up on Long Island NY, it is always exciting to hear that something spooky has taken place on my old stomping grounds. The most current story surrounds CCTV footage captured within a family home.

A Dream Premonition

The person who originally posted the video which can be found below is named Joey Nolan. The video shows a strange anomaly occurring on the bottom right of the video. Many people claim to see a child playing with a dog in the mist, which is interesting after hearing Joey’s claims. Before capturing the footage, both Joey and his wife had a dream that they had given their daughter a new puppy. Joey had the following to say regarding the footage.

“About a week later, after she had caught the ‘apparition’ on camera, I figured the spirit of a dog must have hopped into bed with us the night we had the dreams.

“We’re comfortable about being home alone. At first, it was kind of sketchy, but we’ve attempted to open a line of communication, just in case it is a spirit. We have an ‘our house is your house’ kinda approach to the situation, as long as it stays pleasant, we’re not trying to involve the church.”

“If we started experiencing anything unpleasant, it might be time for us to up and leave. If our 19-month-old daughter started communicating with it, we might use her as an interpreter for a bit, but if it got to the point of dangerous or inappropriate, we may have to seek some intervention or get the heck out of there.

“From the feedback, we’re getting, it’s just a child and their pet, and they seem like pretty hill company, so no need to rush to conclusions and ask them to move out just yet.”

Taking Advice From The Internet

While the mutual dreams sound cool, we can’t help but think people are jumping to conclusions with their paranormal claims. I must admit the movement of the anomaly captured on camera is weird, I in no way see a child or dog in any of it. It seems like someone posted that they may have seen the child and dog, causing people to see the same. That being said, we hope to hear about more form the home and if they capture any more paranormal evidence moving forward.


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