I think we have all succumbed to the idea that we are being watched. Whether it be a security camera or cell phone, it seems like the world has become one with constant surveillance. Google Maps is a perfect example of having mapped most of the developed world using actual photographs. Along with capturing your car in the driveway, a multitude of creepy things has popped up in these millions of photos. A recent photo taken in Texas claims to have captured a ghost girl has made it on the list of creepy photos floating around the internet.

Either Way, This is Creepy

Captured at the Martha Chapel Cemetery, the 360 photographs seemingly captured the image of a ghost girl. Having no real reason to be there the young girl hauntingly peeks out from behind a tree. Having the image be clear as day we are reluctant to jump to a paranormal conclusion. While the photo may not be paranormal, the idea of a young girl creepily lurking behind a tree is scary enough a story for us.

cloaked figure

Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZkCysKL3CI

The Cloaked Man

Along with the girl it seems as though a cloaked man is lurking amongst the cemetery. The portion of the image containing the alleged entity is tiny causing the image to become pixelated when zoomed in. Any time “zooming” is taking place we have to throw the image out as impossible to be proven as paranormal. Overall these images are haunting in their own right, but we doubt these apparitions are genuinely from the other side.

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Source: Darbyshire, Robyn. “Google Maps Users Spot Creepy ‘Ghost’ Girl Lurking in Cemetery on Street View.” Mirror, Mirror.co.uk, 29 Aug. 2018, www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/google-maps-users-make-terrifying-13159792.

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