Ghost Hand Caught On Camera

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Ghost Hand

It is rare for paranormal activity to be captured on film, but a man name Steve Wesson has recently claimed to have captured the holy grail.

Nottingham’s Haunted Museum

Having an infamous past the Nottingham’s Haunted Museum claims to be an extremely haunted location. Housing many items from the far past many believe that the decor itself is what bring the spirits to this attraction.
HEarseHoping to catch a glimpse of these paranormal claims, Steve Wesson setup a camera on January 3rd. Upon review, Steve was shocked by what he had captured on film.

“On the morning of Jan. 4, I went through the camera footage and did not expect to see what I did.

“Caught on camera, I saw the handle being pushed up into the air with great force falling back down to its original place – it was very scary but also amazing!”

Wesson also claims that technical malfunctions have been taking place such as the quality of the video becoming greatly decreased.

“We were using a 1080p night vision motion camera so it would not have been possible to have this level of pixelation on its own.”

When Is Good Too Good

I feel like we are always playing the bad guy, but I can’t help but raise an eyebrow at this video. While we are all looking for an amazing piece of evidence like this, it almost seems too good to be true.

Having Steve mention the video quality was also a red flag to me. It almost sounded like an excuse to distract from possible manipulation.

I would love to get the chance to sit down with Mr. Wesson to discuss the event in detail, but for now, I guess we will just have to wait and see if more comes from this infamously haunted museum.

Source: Officer, Stephanie. “Paranormal Activity? Camera ‘Catches’ Ghost Hand Lifting Hearse’s Handle.” WCMH, WCMH, 8 Jan. 2019,


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